I was introduced to yoga around 1988, not knowing that yoga was a thing that people even did. During my decade of training as a competitive gymnast, a dance teacher offered yoga and meditation techniques to help us stay calm and focused during competitions.

As an adult, I came to yoga seeking a way to maintain strength and flexibility, while being gentle on my damaged joints. After years of playing along to VHS tapes and DVDs, I was lucky to stumble upon the thriving wellness community in Baltimore.

I have over 1,800 hours of teaching under my belt, as well as hundreds of continuing education hours in Rocket, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Thai Yoga Massage, and Trauma-Informed yoga.

I am inspired by all styles of yoga and meditation. While my style of teaching is very physical—based heavily in anatomy and alignment—I speak often of the importance of balancing effort and ease. I encourage students to take what they learn about themselves in the studio and apply it to the world around them. Yoga is for EVERY body.

Outside of yoga, I am a graphic designer, crafter, wife, and mom to 3 rescue dogs and a cat.

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